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Update on the SBA Loan Program – October

State of Ohio Budget Review – Fall 2017


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Taco Tuesdays

Once a month, Pillars pops in on at one of the many Taco Tuesday nights.  Follow our Facebook page to find out where we’ll be.  Check in with us at the promo table and we’ll buy you a pair of tacos.
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Scavenger Hunt/Escape Room

Milestones in Business Reception

Lakewood Economic Club


Professional connections can be hard to come by. Pillars is open to all industries and every position.  Regardless of your field, making connections can provide tremendous value to your career.  Whether you are looking for a tip for a job opening, a key contact to...

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Building connections often begins on the social level. Finding ways for our existing members to connect with one another and offering opportunities where it is comfortable for prospective members to visit for the first time is critically important. Our goal first and...

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Civic involvement spans a wide spectrum from simply casting a vote in an election to serving as an elected official.  Civic activities too can mean many things from picking up litter to organizing a Political Action Committee. Being active in our community is a great...

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Pillars of Lakewood is a member driven club that focuses on building connections.  Those who become a pillar of their community tend to be well rounded individuals that enjoy a balance of social activities, professional expertise and civic involvement.  Pillars of Lakewood was created in 2008 to provide the opportunities for our members to make the connections necessary to enjoy all that the city has to offer, develop skills within their profession and become involved in their community. We do this by giving our members the opportunity to manage projects.  For example, the Pillars Wing Crawl incorporates all the major aspects of running a business including marketing, sales, finance, personnel, and customer service.  The experience gained and connections which are made through running a project like this are tremendous. What Pillars needs to remain viable are engaged, ambitious, creative individuals who want to realize the full potential of themselves and their community.  If you are looking for an excuse to get up off your couch and connect, then we want to meet you.  Contact us or better yet come out to our next event and see what you think.  If you think that there is something that is missing, well then take it on.  Become a project manager and see through your ideas. If you are ready to become a Pillar of Lakewood, then join today.